design min-width for Internet Explorer 6, again.

here are my updates for recent hacks about simulating  CSS “min-width” on IE6.

Let’s say the min-width is 750px, and you have a page (#page{ min-width:750px;});

  1. If the width  of your page is “auto”,   then you need to add extra border-right:750px to BODY, then add margin-right:-750px to the #page to offset  the  extra border width  of  BODY .
    Guess what, you’ll get the min-width of 750px on IE for free.

    I’d love to thanks my co-worker, Matt Sweeney who showed me this great example before and all I did was to hide the extra border-color in my way.

    See live example and source codes:

  2. If the page width will zoom by text-size, say  #page{ width:70em;}, then you may use  pixelWidth
    to achieve the same goal.
    See more source code in the example: