Just like most people, I like to travel whenever I have the opportunity to explore and experience the whole world.

I want to know more things, and I want to experience more things as well.

I had been to some great places in my past traveling and I always heard some great stories about some other very interesting and attractive destinations from people from varies places which always caught my and gives me more energy to move forward to the next new stop.

3 years ago, after working in Yahoo! Taiwan for a while, I had the chance to be transferred to Yahoo! US and started my career as a front-end engineer in Silicon Valley, one of the most amazing places where you can definitely see the abundance of the creativity and energy of human intelligence .

For me, Yahoo! had been a great place to work for through the past few years, and I will definitely it put it on my fav list of the best companies to work for.

It’s indeed a wonderful thing for me to have a decent job in Yahoo, to be able to meet more nice friends and to achieve my career goal here especially I’m an alien worker who rarely speaks English and drive cars before coming to the USA.

I’m much luckier than I think I’m.

So there is another great chance showing up for me to switch to the next company unexpectedly.

I think I should know about the next company well since I had been told a lot great and exciting things about this company either from the media, the people who work there or simply from the words of mouth and I had decided to step into this company instead of keeping myself as an outsider from that company..

It’s time to move on for me.

I’d thank for all the love, kindness and dedication of all my co-workers in Yahoo!, which is truly an amazing and unforgettable experience and I will always be proud of being a members of Yahoos.

9/12 is my last day in Yahoo, and I’d start my new job in Google by 9/22.

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Cheers and best wishes for all.