what’s I had been working on recently

Some folks wrote to me and asked me why I seemed stop posting new stuffs recently.
My short answer is that I had been developing JAVA applications for months and not really had much to continue my JS/CSS/HTML exploration.

The web is evolving, and I am always interested in “fixing” it.

BTW, I will attend the Designer and Developer Summit in Beijing, China in April 26, 2008 as one of the speaker, which I guess it’s a good time for me to show some fun stuffs to broader audience.


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KISS Rules

There’s something about this blog but web development.

I don’t think that I have many readers of this blog based on the available statistical data.
Just like I did not spend so much time on blogging about my life or thoughts here since I tend be as lazy as I can.
I wrote crappy codes here, in my prototypes and always write poor documentation, too.
As a reader, you may notice that many of my examples are actually well implemented or explained, and it’s not tested or decorated with what so call web 2.0 style round corners.
Every time when I proposed one “solution”, you might instantly realized that there’s some limitations or side effects coming along with it.

The fact is that those problems never bother me just like I never want to have my own blog until just few months ago. I gave up my Yahoo! 360 Blog even though I did have some great time on that platform.

So to save my time here, I just changed the sub-title of my blog from “Hacking Web standard” to “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, which means:

  1. It’s really great to share ideas and thoughts with the whole web-devel world.
  2. View Source, not just documentation, if you have problem withmy crappy codes.
  3. Never copy & paste the CSS / JS / HTML, those codes are written for concept of proof, not for production.
  4. Fix the codes if you has issues with it, and I’d love to know the solution if you have found something new or interesting.


BTW, I found this interesting blog accidentally, but no one ever contributed any contents unfortunately.

Kiss, Hedger


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